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How it works

Deposit your keys in a secured KeyForMe Cabinet near you. You'll manage who get's access to your keys, anytime, anywhere.

  • Choose a location

    Choose a nearby KeyForMe Cabinet location and book a spot. Our locations are personally selected to ensure the best interaction with your guests.

  • Drop off your keys

    Go to your selected KeyForMe location, enter your personal code and plug your key into the secured KeyForMe Cabinet. From now on you'll never have to wait for your the guests or anyone who needs your key!

  • Invite anyone online

    Log in to your dashboard at KeyForMe.com and invite your guests or anyone else to pick up your keys.
    New guests or key users will receive an instant notification with an unique code with information to pick up your keys.
    As a key owner you will be automatically updated when your keys are picked up and returned!

Your keys are safe with us

KeyForMe uses proven storage technology also used by governements, military, airports and hospitals. We stand for secure & easy access for you and all your guests!

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Customer Reviews

Don't just take our word for it.
See what people like you say about our service!

  • “What a great service, I never have to wait again for my guests to arrive. I receive an instant notification when my keys are picked up and returned. The best key exchange service available.”

    Nico, AirBnB host
  • “My host was not able to hand over his keys so I received an e-mail from KeyForMe where I could pick up the keys. Worked great and what a nice location!”

    Nicole, AirBnB guest
  • “This online key exchange service works flawlessly and gives us the ability to give controlled access to our suppliers in the early morning and our cleaning company in the afternoon to enter our office.”

    Adam, Entrepeneur