Our Story

Our Mission we believe in:
Our mission is simple and clear: key exchange freedom for anyone, anywhere, anyplace.
We are very passionate about our goal to give people safe and automated remote key control.

Developed out Of Necessity
While we were looking on- and offline for a simple solution to help manage key handovers for holiday rentals, we realized that nothing existed that truly fit our desired needs. We wanted to develop a simple, secure and cost-effective key exchange solution for rental owners, families, business owners and anyone else who have not the time or need to handover their keys.

Our Founders
KeyForMe was founded by two friends by coincidence.

One of them wanted to go on a well deserved holiday for 4 weeks… yes, lucky him!
He asked the other to look after his apartment because he had rented it out to different people during his time abroad.

At home there were a lot of problems as the guests came often much too late at the agreed time for key pickup due to traffic jams, delays with flights or public transport issues.

During that month, they thought how to simplify the Key Exchange process.
They talked about a less time consuming, secure and simple Key Exchange solution without any human intervention.

Together they founded KeyForMe, offering an unique solution via KeyForMe cabinets to anyone in need of secure and easy remote Key Exchange.