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About KeyForMe

KeyForMe is a technology venture which offers an unique easy and reliable secure key exchange service, managed online by users remotely. You can find our KeyForMe Cabinets, which have a security grade uncomparable in the market, at local and easy accessible establishments in cities and hotspots as a safe drop off and pick up point for physical keys along with live time registration.

KeyForMe provides a highly secured storage place for anyone who cannot hand over keys themselves.
Users of KeyForMe are for example owners and hosts of short-term rental properties who want to give their guests extra easy service and time independent key exchange to pick up keys upon arrival and easy drop off at departure.
Also companies and individuals who want to be in control of physical keys and want to grant access to their premises outside regular opening hours are also using KeyForMe.
Another group of users are families and communities who want to deposit spare keys of houses, cars, boats or anything else for friends, guests or kids are using KeyForMe.

Register today for a free one month trial, drop your keys and give access via your own online dashboard after login at KeyForMe.

KeyForMe. Real freedom in Key Exchange.

A KeyForMe Cabinet is a highly secured cabinet where your keys are locked away, alarm protected and not accessible for others until you invite them remotely.

The KeyForMe system is designed as a remote secure key exchange management system for individuals and organizations who need highest security and designated availability. Increased security is offered through the use of a double lock access system.

Through the coding of the intelligent KeyForMe plugs and individual key locking, you give remotely authorisation to your keys on a “per key” basis.

Light-emitting diodes show which KeyForMe plug has been personally authorised for the specified user. The authorization of keys is time-dependently programmable for individual users, so you can manage remotely who and when you want to give access to your keys in the KeyForMe Cabinet.

All KeyForMe plugs stored in the system are individually locked and alarm protected.

The KeyForMe Cabinets are made from high quality solid steel, alarm protected and uncomparable with any other similar system. If you want the highest protection for your keys available… choose KeyForMe.

Above image gives you an impression of a KeyForMe cabinet. Exact design and size can vary per KeyForMe location.

A KeyForMe plug is made from stainless steel and is included with a steel key ring so it acts as a key chain where you can attach your keys. After that, you can insert you KeyForMe plug at the position where a blue light-emitting diode is visible in the KeyForMe Cabinet. Your KeyForMe plug will be locked.

Close the door of the KeyForMe cabinet and give remotely access to others via your KeyForMe dashboard. Easy, simple and secure.

Your ‘ready to use’ KeyForMe plug is already waiting for you in one of our secured KeyForMe cabinets. Once you have registered you’ll receive instantly an e-mail with a personal PIN. You can access now your pre-selected KeyForMe cabinet to add your key(s) easily to the KeyForMe plug. Ready? Invite others to pick up your key(s) right away.

Account & Billing

Pricing is simple and no long-term contracts. For just € 14,95 / month (including VAT) per key, you can invite an unlimited number of people to pick up and drop off your keys.

Please always check the opening hours of the specific KeyForMe location. For security reasons we always install KeyForMe cabinets inside venues.

You can manage as many keys as you would like with KeyForMe.

Pricing is on a per KeyForMe fob basis.
This means that you can add multiple keys (limited to 3) to 1 KeyForMe fob. For example, you can add 1 key of your front door and 1 key of your garage on 1 KeyForMe fob. You will pay only for 1 KeyForMe fob.

Do you need more KeyForMe fobs? Because e.g. you want to manage access to multiple properties to multiple people, then select extra Keys (=KeyForMe fobs) in your KeyForMe dashboard and each one in your account will be billed on your key plan.
For example: if you need 2 seperate positions in the KeyForMe cabinet, then you are billed € 14,95 (including VAT) per month for each KeyForMe fob. In this example you will pay 2 x € 14,95 = € 29,90 (including VAT) in total per month as long as you use the service.

Do you want to reduce or expand the number of KeyForMe fobs? Manage it simply via your KeyForMe online dashboard.

If you have any billing related question which is still not mentioned on these FAQ page, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you out!

No, we believe in simplicity and the monthly costs are very low so you can try our great service yourselves.

Your ‘ready to use’ KeyForMe plug is already waiting for you in one of our secured KeyForMe cabinets. Once you have registered you’ll receive instantly an e-mail with a personal PIN. You can access now your pre-selected KeyForMe cabinet to add your key(s) easily to the KeyForMe plug. Ready? Invite others to pick up your key(s) right away.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription per month.
No, you are billed on a monthly basis.

IMPORTANT: before cancellation of your subscription, go to your selected KeyForMe cabinet and remove your key(s) from the KeyForMe fob.

Leave the KeyForMe fob, including key ring but without your keys, in the KeyForMe cabinet at the designated place where you took the KeyForMe fob and close the door.

Subsequently, login to your account and follow these steps:

  • Click in the left menu on “Manage Keys”
  • Click on “manage” for the desired key you want to cancel your subscription
  • Scroll down and click on ” Cancel Subscription”

If you do not follow above simple steps of this cancellation policy, penalties may be applied automatically to your creditcard or bank account.

Manage Guests

You can easily grant access to your keys. Login into your account.

Once you are logged in, you have to follow these steps:

  • Click in the left menu on “Manage Keys”
  • Click on the button “Manage” for the key(s) you want to share
  • Click on the button “add guest” at the right top corner to add your guests and enter all the details
  • Click on invite and your guests will receive an e-mail where and when to pick up your keys.

As a KeyForMe account holder you can see exactly in your dashboard when your keys are picked up and returned.

Once your keys are in our secured KeyForMe cabinet at a selected KeyForMe location, you can grant access with our online management tool so your guests can pick up the keys whenever you want.

Just login to your KeyForMe account and click on the menu ‘manage keys’.
If you have multiple keys, click on the manage button of the desired key and click on the button ‘invite guest’.

Your guest will inmediately receive an e-mail notification with an unique PIN code assigned only to this guest.
Now the guest can collect your keys at KeyForMe cabinet by entering their personal PIN.

We always recommend you keep spare keys yourself. If a KeyForMe location is not open yet, your guests can leave the keys at your home or any other arrangement you have made. So you can pick it up and drop it off at your selected KeyForMe location again yourself and invite someone else to use the KeyForMe service.

Your guest will receive an E-mail notification, indicating that they have been granted access to your keys.

In the e-mail notification instructions they can read where and how to pick up and return your keys.
Your guests will be reminded by an E-mail notification 1 day prior to their departure to drop off the keys at a KeyForMe location.

Please note that if your selected KeyForMe location is not open during pick up or drop off, you have to make arrangements yourself.

KeyForMe is not liable and not responsible for the opening hours of the KeyForMe locations as we don’t operate these venues ourself.

Always check with the staff and the website of the venue in advance if you want to offer the KeyForMe service to any person who you want to give access to your key(s).