How it Works?

How does no more key exchange in person sound to you? Drop off your keys in one of our secured keycabinets so your guests can pick up or drop off your keycs.

While you’re at work, at the beach, or whatever! Think of all the time you can save…

1. Choose a location

We currently have locations in the city center of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

You can find our KeyForMe cabinets at central located highly rated hotspots, bars or restaurants within major city centers. Always just steps away from main public transport.

The staff, at our carefully selected KeyForMe locations, are happy to advice your guests on anything they want to know about the vibrant city life or even nightlife.


2. Deposit Keys

All you have to do now is drop off your keys at the KeyForMe keycabinet. You’ll receive an unique code to access the keycabinet to insert your keys in our highly secured KeyForMe Cabinet.

3. Manage Guest Access

Via our online portal, you can give remote and real time guests access to your physical keys anytime and anywhere! Yes, that’s right… it is not a fairytale.

No time consuming on the scene key exchance anymore but secure, quick and easy key exchange management by a simple click… What a difference!

Military Grade Security.

KeyForMe uses proven technology used by governements, military, airports and hospitals. We stand for secure & easy access for all your guests!